Introducing: Tenyom Host

With the always-same spirit of helping people achieve more by using technology and empowering the small businesses and local communities, I am thrilled to announce Tenyom, our approach on building a web hosting company.

I always have a huge passion in building websites, even more if it is for other people. Last month I started a movement to help people in building their first online presence. It was a very extraordinary experience to get to know what people are doing and building.

Looking at the fact that there are opportunities for me to collaborate with these local businesses, I decided to create an official hosting company called Tenyom Host.

Tenyom is anagram for Monyet, or Monkey in Bahasa Indonesia. Our goal is to have a friendlier web hosting company that will not only help you build your online presence, but also provide consultation for you.

Should you need a more professional consulting agencies, Tenyom also work together with digital marketing agencies to make sure that our users will have the best experience possible.

Why should I host my site on Tenyom?

Being a friendlier web hosting company does not mean we don’t focus on our core business. Instead, we are using top tier server infrastructure from a reputable company to host our server. We also use all-SSD storage and premium gigabit network to make sure that your site are on its peak performance. Always.

And of course, SSL certificate is free if you host your site on Tenyom.

I have a digital marketing agency. Can I collaborate with Tenyom?

We are happy to have you! Please contact me for more details. Also, we have special plans for marketing agencies, including a special control panel where you can review all of your client’s site and performance, including an SEO tool to help you boost their presence.

How about the pricing?

Pricings are available on this page.

PS. Anyone fancy designing our logo?