Hot Countr – Now on the App Store!

It’s been a little while since I posted my last blog post. This last 2 months, I’ve been exploring a new area in technology which is iOS programming by attending Apple Developer Academy @ BINUS in Indonesia. It was great so far, and I am excited to be able to test my first ever iOS app with my friends.

Update: It’s on the App Store!

My first ever app is Hot Countr. The concept of this app is simple, and you can play together with your friends around you.

What is Hot Countr?
Hot Countr is a fun and simple interactive game for all ages — your aim is to avoid being the last player to tap.
Tap Go! as few or as many times as the number on the Red field shows.
Tap Switch! once you’re done with your turn.
Pay attention to the Blue field – the number shows when the round will finish.

Play against anyone, anywhere and use your cunning planning skills to claim victory!

How to Play:
Go! = Add numbers to the Red & Blue fields.
Switch! = Switch players.
Red = Max taps you can do per turn.
Bear is Player 1, Panda is Player 2.
Blue = The final number per round.
The player who taps Go! to fulfil this number lose.

“Hot Countr is one of the simplest game you’ll ever see on iOS, but it is achingly fun and addictive!” – Prasidya

– Simple, intuitive design
– Fun, addictive gameplay
– Two players supported
– iPod-, iPhone- & iPad-ready
– No ads
– Cute emojis!

We are constantly looking for your feedback to improve or develop many aspects of the game. If you have feedback, please contact me on: Facebook Instagram Twitter Website Email.

Here are some example of our user test runs:

Hot Countr is now available for iOS devices running iOS 10 and above, on all screen sizes. Please download and let me know what do you think about this app. Cheers!

-Prayudi S