About Prayudi

Hello, I am Prayudi Satriyo Nugroho. Welcome to my site.

As a man who loves Technology, I started pursuing my passion by playing around with computers, the web, and digital transformations during my early days of school, and by studying Information Systems at BINUS University, focusing on Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP P1) as my bachelor degree.

I started my professional journey by joining a multinational company in Indonesia in 2013. During my assignments, I coordinated several IT/Software Development projects as well as managing IT Support for currently running softwares. The company I worked for is a manufacturing company which performs consumer-goods manufacturing 24×7, and I learned a lot about project management, managing people, how management works in general, and how to manage user’s and management’s expectation in order to achieve our goals.

At one point of my career journey, I performed implementation of iPad mobile app to gather data from local people across Indonesia. During the implementation, I travelled across small cities in the island of Sulawesi, and I met people who were our field agents. Their job was to collect the data manually by using pen and paper, and my job there was to introduce this new technology called “mobile app” to them, which they were really excited about.

On that point, I found out that my passion is about mobile technology and how we can use it to let people achieve more and perform things that matter.

At the end of 2017, I decided that it was time for me to start my own start up, to make use of my passion and skills to empower more people. My start up focuses on developing a mobile application. The app is a platform for people to connect, discover, and experience local SMEs and community events. I always believe in community empowerment, and that SME have an important role in the economical development of our country.

Realizing that mobile app development is an integral part of our company, I am more motivated than ever to learn deeply about current mobile app development. I believe by doing so, I will be able to deliver my goal of life, which is to make something out of technology that can empower people to do better at life.

That is the background of why I started the Kotalogue project.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.