As an effort to create a more connected network of business owners in Indonesia, Kotalogue is building a mobile app platform for them to publish their business online, Instagram-like. With Kotalogue, business owners will be able to sheir their presence, as well as what’s currently happening in their venue (expo, talks), to be discovered by community around them.

We are focusing on businesses which provides online experience, those who are not currently covered by the booming e-commerce platforms in Indonesia.

Our brand, Kotalogue, is a wordplay of “Kota lo gue” which means “Your and my city” in Bahasa Indonesia, and if read, it sounds a lot like “Catalog” (or “Katalog”) in Bahasa Indonesia. It represents our goal: a more connected city in which businesses are able to showcase their experience-based product online.

We are currently looking for partnerships and funding.

Visit Kotalogue at https://kotalogue.com/.