More and more businesses (and people) need to have a better online presence. Therefore, more people are making digital marketing agency to cover this need. Unfortunately, there are no better approach on web hosting for them, the one in which they are able to control several web instance in one control panel.

Unlike most web hosting company, we are focusing on building a simpler, friendlier web hosting for everyone. Powered by top of the line hardware and bandwidth, our goal is to provide a web hosting which is high performance so that your web site will be on their top speed, always.

Our brand, Tenyom, is an anagram of “Monyet”, Indonesian for “Monkey”. Our aim is to have a friendly and fun web hosting so agencies can focus on what you do best: designing a powerful web site for your clients.

We are currently looking for partnerships with digital marketing agencies. If you are interested, please reach me.

Visit Tenyom by at https://tenyom.com/.